Make FF 3.5 like 3.0
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With Firefox 3 you could drag a tab from one FF window to the another with the tab bar closed. Is there any way to get 3.5 to do that?

So with a bit more detail: On my system (vista) if I have say two FF 3.5 windows open and drag a tab from one to the other (with the tab bar closed), instead of opening in the second window a third, new window opens.

I've looked around and found a way to disable tab tearing/dragging completely, but that's not what I'm looking for. And I know 3.5 will work the way I want with the tab bar visible, but I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.

I'll take any kind of fix, be it an extension, registry edit, about:config tweak, whatever.
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I use the Tree Style Tab extension (docked on the right side) and it does exactly what you requested (i think). The only problem is that the "tab tree" is always open for me, so I don't know if that's something you're trying to avoid (although it is VERY easy to hide again).

I'd suggest researching that extension - it offers a lot of versatility with your tabs and allows you to collapse any of the tree-structures at will. (for example, with the click of a button, all of the windows that originated from Metafilter will collapse under the main Metafilter tab, resulting in only a few main tabs visible).

Good luck - let me know if this helps!
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It didn't fix this particular problem but I am gonna keep that extension, it's pretty useful.
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