Sweet November Rain: Help with a Slash Costume
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Sympathy for the Devil: Help me complete my Halloween costume - Slash from Guns & Roses! Local (DC) availability is key...

So I have a wig, top hat, torn jeans and a few other elements I've added. I'm planning on stenciling a copy of his shoulder tatoo but I can handle that.

The only items that I'm in need of are:

-old grimey 80s style t-shirt. I was thinking a thrift store, but am not familiar with them in DC.
- reasonably priced ornaments, namely chains/necklaces/rings. I have asked around and was pointed to Hot Topic and stores like that...not sure I'd want to go that route unless absolutely necessary.
- place to pickup cool fake tattoos. Most of the halloween stores I have walked into have lame hentai or kiddie tats. I need something with some edge!

These items have to be available in dc. Bonus points for metro accessibility!

Thanks for helping Slash walk into the Paradise City!
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(what about a guitar?)
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Response by poster: I've got that covered!
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Don't forget the cigarette dangling from your lips.
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You can get a friend to draw on tattoos with a Sharpie.
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After seeing yer screen name, make sure the guitar is a Les Paul-style!
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why don't you want to go the cheap-crappy-trendy-store route?

go to forever 21 and i guarantee for $20 you will be able to buy so much jewelry you won't be able to stand upright.

on a similar note, if it's down to the wire and you need some scummy ratty vintage shirt, go to urban outfitters or h&m or somewhere -- they will sell you a distressed "80s-style" tshirt for $40 or so -- what a bargain! it's a lazy-man's thrift store!

for fake tattoos, try a big chain bookstore -- you're looking for the "dover publications" fake tattoo books. i used to buy these for my kids when i worked at summer camp. there are a lot of permutations of "cat", "fairy", "butterfly" and "glitter" (along with a surprising amount of subcategorized dinosaurs), but you can get some sweet shit like skulls, pirates, dragons and so forth.

just ask yerself -- what would slash do?
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Sally's Beauty Supply sometimes has decent looking temporary tattoos. Dollar stores will also sometimes carry temps but the realism factor is all over (beware of sparkles).
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