Where have all the control arms gone...?
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Where did all the xB control arms go?

I've been looking online trying to find a replacement lower control arm for my 06 Scion xB, and apparently there was a design change between the arms used in the 05, and the ones in the 06. I'm able to find control arms all over for 05 and earlier xBs, but after that I'm getting nothing.

Is there a reason the 06 arms are so scarce to find? The 05 arms usually sell for around 70-90 bucks, but the 06 version appears to only be available through the dealership and costs somewhere in the 400-500 dollar range.
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Have you tried calling around to local scrap yards or "auto recyclers" and seeing if they have any wrecked '06s you could pull one off of?
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This dealer has the control arms for around $200. What's strange is they all say 04-06 for year, but then the parts say "to 5/03" and "from 5/03". I'm not sure if that means May 2003 or something else...
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