Figure out the movie, then figure out the song?
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How can I figure out what song was in the obscure movie I watched last night?

Apparently I was listening to the wrong music in the 70s.

I watched part of a 2008 movie last night in which a tired middle aged guy, I believe in Hollywood, recalls his adolescence in England where he is being seduced by his mother's friend while pursuing a girl his own age. He and the girl have a date and lipsync a 70s song that I had never heard before. I watched the (very long) credits, but then the song name was very tiny and fuzzy on my TV and I couldn't read it. Now I can't find the movie title.

Was anybody else watching that movie? What was it called? Anybody know the song?
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Look up the tv listings from last night? Do you remember any of the stars from the credits? Which country are you in? This shouldn't be hard to solve.
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Best answer: Flashbacks of a Fool. That Wikipedia link mentions the song If There Is Something by Roxy Music, perhaps that's the scene you're thinking of?
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The obligatory SYL link.
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Response by poster: Mystery solved. Thanks all!
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