What should I do in Boston this weekend?
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What non-Halloween things should I do this weekend in Boston?

I'm taking my fiancee to Boston for the weekend as an early birthday present. We'll be there from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, staying at the Hilton in the Financial District. Saturday night we're going to the Guster concert at the Orpheum, but what should I do the rest of the time? Neither of us are crazy about Halloween-type activities, but prefer quainter, quieter spots.

I've read the previous threads about restaurants and museums, and I've been to Boston a bunch of times, but never for a semi-romantic weekend. I'm leaning towards dinner in the North End on Friday night, but willing to be persuaded otherwise.

1) What restaurants/bars/lounges/etc. do you recommend in the Financial District?
2) What do you recommend for after-dinner drinks/music/fun on Friday night in the Financial District, Fanueil Hall or North End areas?
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Hub Eats is a site that allows the local restaurants to post deals and specials that they're having in a calendar-ish sort of way.

Quaint and Quiet is hard to find around Fanueil Hall - that's where all of the yah-dudes go on the weekends (think loud frat guys). That being said, the Union Oyster House never has that sort of crowd, and you could certainly go there for a drink or dinner if you're inclined. I've been there on New Year's Eve and it was quiet.

I'm personally fond of Jacob Wirth, which is not too far of a walk from the Orpheum.
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Not the Financial District per se, but only a short walk away: catch an old fashioned cocktail at Drink. It can be a little pretentious, but the tipple is well and good.
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The Financial District is going to be pretty quiet at the weekend, but definitely stay away from Fanueil Hall as it'll be a mad house .

I love dinner at Ivy pre- theatre or concert , and they have an excellent under $30 wine list.

If you have access to a car, you may want to explore outside of Boston for the day on saturday - I was at Walden Pond this weekend, and the colors are gorgeous!
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I just took the train over the Charles River this morning and noticed that the view there is pretty spectacular at the moment. Perhaps you'd enjoy renting kayaks up near Harvard Square and working your way towards the city. (Disclaimer: expect a bit of rain on Saturday, but that should clear out by Sunday.)

It might be a fun way to work off your North End meal.

Enjoy your trip!
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Closer to the Orpheum are two restaurants that I've been to. Les Zygomates is a French bistro / wine bar that's really good. It's over by South Station, which is less than a 10 minute walk to the Orpheum.

Kingston Station is a bit mixed. It's pretty good. I think it's a little cheaper. They seem to be trying to go for a French vibe, but the menu is all over the place. It's also very loud.

If you want pricey and high-end, there's always Radius. I haven't been there, but I've heard great things about it.

If you like Indian, Mantra is good.

There's a slew of North End restaurant questions, so you'll probably find something there if you're set on that location.

If you like seafood, Turner Fisheries in Copley Square is a great choice.

If you like chocolate mousse, go to Brasserie Jo, in the Collonade Hotel. Their food is great in general, but their chocolate mousse is the best.

The Financial District itself is a pretty dead area, especially on weekends.

If you want to save money, check out any deals on restaurant.com.

Boston's not that big, so you really could go anywhere prior to the show.
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