Where can I buy an ingot of bismuth in NYC?
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Where could I buy an ingot of pure (or at least 99% pure) bismuth in New York City?

I find myself in need of some bismuth before October 29th. Needs to be pure or almost pure, so I can use it for crystallization. I'd normally order it online, but can't be sure I'd get it in time, so I need to buy it from a store. NYC has everything, so I'm sure there's somewhere I could find it, but Google has thus far proven fruitless. Help, hive mind!
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How about: http://www.thomasnet.com/metro-new-york/bismuth-metals-alloys-5291604-1.html
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It's not local at all, but Rotometals at least offers pure bismuth and next day air appears to be about $48, when it absoltuely, positively has to be bismuth...

Might be trouble if you need serious quantities, but might be a last resort for you.
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Belmont Metals of Brooklyn and Leico Industries of New York ?
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No need for massive quality. 1 or 2 pounds. Like this: http://www.amazon.com/Roto-Metals-BISMUTH-1-Pound-Ingot-99-99-Pure/dp/B001QUVMC8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=industrial&qid=1256604607&sr=8-1

But I need to get it before Thursday. Even overnight shipping might not get here in time. Hence why I'd prefer an actual store where I could travel there and pick it up.
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reticulatedspline try calling the numbers of the places I posted, they're from the same link dfriedman found and seem to have real places of business, and real phone numbers you can call and find out if they can give you what you want, or if there's another dealer you can hit locally.
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Alfa Aesar has a location in Massachusetts, so you might be able to get bismuth from that location (I don't know for sure, you should contact them) if you're willing to make a day trip.
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Lead-free shot (for shotguns) is often bismuth, and my understanding is that it's suitable for crystallizing. My understanding is also that you can buy it by the pound for people who do their reloading at home.

Ring around hunting/gun stores. They won't know what you're talking about if you say "bismuth shot", but you ask about lead-free shot that isn't steel, and they have something like that, you've mostly likely found it. Regular sporting-goods stores are unlikely to carry it though - reloading supplies are a bit specialty, lead-free shot is a bit specialty, combine them and it's not really a department-store item.
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