how to pack shoes for shipment
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how do i pack my shoes for cross-country shipment?

i'm moving and need to pack about 10 pairs of shoes. unfortunately i no longer have the boxes. any suggestions on how to keep them safe from the dreaded "squish" and "smoosh"?
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Are plastic shoe boxes in your budget? If so, I would say that's your best bet. I have moved multiple pairs of shoes across the country a couple of times, and the best way to avoid squishing and smooshing is enclosing each pair in some sort of container or box.
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I usually stuff them full of socks or undies, and then wrap other clothes around them to prevent scuffs.
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i put each pair in a small plastic grocery bag and stuck them at random in with my boxes of clothes. i can't think of any pair of shoes i have that would be damaged by being smooshed by my other articles of clothing. what shoes are we talking about here?
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