Use a freestanding grill in an outdoor kitchen island?
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Use a freestanding grill in an outdoor kitchen island?

We are in the process of designing an outdoor kitchen area on a budget. Readymade drop-in stainless grills are a fortune....thousands of dollars. Now I fully realize that these things are *designed* to be used within an enclosure and have the appropriate insulation around their bases to prevent problems (read: fires).....

However, if one were so inclined (and careful) would it be possible to repurpose a freestanding grill as a built-in? My thinking would involve creating a shelf out of firebrick, which would sit on a foundation of cinderblocks. The surround of the gril would be likewise framed in firebrick and given an appropriate amount of space from the sides/back to prevent any buildup of heat (this would be tested beforehand with the operating grill). The remainder of the island will be covered in 1" ceramic tile.

Does anybody have any experience or technical insights on such an endeavour? For sure there are other considerations: the underside of the freestanding grill might include some features that require open air returns to feed the burners, etc etc.... But I'm thinking i could save a couple thousand dollars on this if i could engineer an island that was both safe and pretty.

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I would put your primary concern in designing where the propane is stored, and an extensive design plan for the gas lines to the burners. Heat will be conducted differently with your design, and the existing lines that are in the original gas grill may not be up for handling the heat as well with the new design. New lines will have to be run. You might want to look at older commercial/restaurant grills that can be bought used and redesigned, and would be safer. I'd also have an expert at least examine your design and parts list, and heed his advice.
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I think you are right on with the firebrick built around the grill. Just check to make sure that the firebrick can be exposed to weather (rain, snow).
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