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Please help me ID a song from the 80's!

I'm wracking my brain trying to find a song that I heard fairly regularly on the radio in the early 80's--probably 1982-1984. I'm pretty sure the name "Sara" or "Sarah" was in the title--but it is definitely NOT "Sara Smile" by Hall & Oates. I think that the group or singer was not super-popular, but I do recall the song getting pretty regular play in the Midwest. The only lyrics I seem to remember are "How did I let you go" (I think that was the very first line of the song) "Sara, I'll never forget your name" and "The moment is gone but the (...something--maybe memory?...) still remains."
I've tried some "find a song with the lyrics" sites, but no luck. Can the great hive-mind help me out?
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Best answer: "Sara" by Bill Champlin? (Video is not Bill, but an incredible simulation.)
posted by Oriole Adams at 2:20 PM on October 24, 2009

Jefferson Starship's Sara?
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Response by poster: Oriole Adams, I am bowing down to you in awe and wonder. That's it!!!!!!!!!!
I am speechless.
I love MetaFilter!
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