How do we compare and choose between two (almost) identical beds?
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My wife and I are looking to buy a new (queen size) bed, and trying to decide between two beds from two different stores. Both are actually quite similar in terms of look/style and price.

Here are the beds: Crate and Barrel vs. Room & Board

The big question is: how to choose? We like both equally, and we're not sure if one bed is better made than the other, if one company is better than another, etc. Are there certain things we should be looking for that might tip the vote, one way or another?

Additionally, we would love to hear any feedback from anyone who's purchased a bed from either store. Good or bad experiences, we'd love to hear about it.

ps: gotmarriedlastseptemberwoohoo!
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Well, you might consider that the Room and Board one is made in the US. (North Carolina, the furniture capital of the US, not American Samoa.) I don't go overboard looking for that kind of thing, but it's certainly a bonus.

If you can check out the fabric specs, you might find different methods of cleaning -- they have manufacturer codes for water/based cleaning, spot cleaning, etc. Looks like they have similar content, but maybe they were treated in different ways. The Room and Board one might hide dingy dirt a little better because it looks textured, not microsuede.

Finally, what kind of setup and/or delivery charges does each place charge? This might be moot if you're going to pick it up and put it together yourself, but there you go.
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Wow - they are *really* similar! I've never made a Room & Board purchase, but we did buy a bed from Crate and Barrel almost 10 years ago and are very happy with the purchase and the experience. Their customer service was flawless.

2 cents - I like the placement of the legs on the R&B bed. It looks more substantial and grounded to me.
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I like the fabric of the R&B one better- it looks like it has more depth and texture.
I bet you'd be happy with either and I think both would last a while.
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Room & Board furniture is usually of fairly good quality and a really nice in-person "feeling" -- hard to explain but it's a combination of materials, construction, proportions and finish. I've seen many old R&B couches still look wonderful after years of frequent use. Of course, some C&B items have similar quality, but in general, it's more "mass market."

Their version of the bed has slightly nicer lines, proportions and feeling of sturdiness. It looks like the buttons are slightly bigger too, which looks nice on this particular bed. And if the fabric is more of a nubby texture than straight-up suede, I bet it'll last longer too. My guess is the foam under the fabric is of better quality, and perhaps the seams and wood construction are too. But without seeing them in person, it's hard to judge.
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I'd pick the Room and Board bed because the headboard is curved. I like to sit up and read in bed and I think the curved headboard will be more comfortable for that.

Also, it's just a nicer looking product to me.
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I like the Room and Board one much better.
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Mr. hilaryjade and I pretty much furnished our house via Room and Board about 4 years ago. I absolutely LOVE everything we purchased from them, including our platform bed (a wood head and footboard, so no resemblance to the one you are looking at). I found the entire experience to be wonderful, from ordering right on through delivery and set up.

Last year, when we decided to replace an old guest bed with a sleeper sofa, R&B was the only place I even bothered to look. I highly recommend R&B.
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FWIW I like the leg placement of the R&B model better. Also the fabric is prettier. Microsuede kinda freaks me out.
Have you physically looked at them, or just online? It might make a difference. I didn't realize one was curved until 26.2 mentioned it.
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You could bounce on the beds and make sure neither of them creak.
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I've never gotten furniture from C&B but I did buy a bed from R&B years ago and would just like to say I loved it and never had any problems. An additional bonus is the delivery guys set it up for me when they delivered it. Don't know if C&B does that or not but I consider it to be a HUGE plus for R&B.
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