Used clothes in Detroit
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What are your favorite used clothing/thrift stores in the Detroit metro area and/or Ann Arbor?
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Value World!

My favorite is the one out in Southgate across from the old Penny Pincher.
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If you'll be out tomorrow morning, the Kiwanis thrift in downtown Ann Arbor will be open from 9 to noon. It's not open any other day, so it's a bit of a madhouse.

Ann Arbor's Salvation Army (just off of State St.) is one of the biggest around. While you're there, Recycle Ann Arbor is right around the corner, and is worth a stop. No clothing, but lots of neat stuff to dig through. It's not all building supplies!

As mentioned above, the Value Worlds in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area are great. I like to drive around to all of them in one day, so none of them stand out as particularly awesome; they're all kind of a blur.

Ann Arbor has a vintage clothing store upstairs on State Street near its intersection with Liberty, but the owner always kind of skeeved me out, and I tend to think that vintage clothing stores are almost always a poor value. It's the kind of place that buys big lots of the same item from raggers.
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I should add that the Salvation Army in Rochester Hills (corner of John R and Auburn) is also ENORMOUS.
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Mother Fletcher's has two locations in Ferndale and Ypsilanti. Not thrift, per se, buts lots of cool old clothes with a pretty helpful staff. (Jane at the Ferndale location is particularly awesome.) There is pretty much always a sale of some sort going on, and it's not impossible to negotiate on price if you buy more than one thing. The Ferndale store is on 9 Mile just east of Woodward, and the Ypsi store is on Michigan Ave.

In Royal Oak, there's Lost and Found Vintage (on Washington and 4th), which I think is quite overpriced, which is generally the case in Royal Oak anyway. The Salvation Army (4th and Williams) there is usually picked clean, and also is overpriced as far as thrift stores are concerned. Mother Fletcher's is easily my favorite place to go for leisurely shopping, and for finding nicer items.

Value World, as recommended above, is always a good choice. I live near one on Ecorse Rd in Taylor, which has a large selection and rewards persistent digging. They have a wide variety of locations.

In Hamtramck, there is a vintage place called Detroit Threads that is not as expensive as Lost and Found, but not as full of clothes as Mother Fletcher's. It's on Jos Campau in the downtown.

Hmm... ooh... if you're up that way, there is a large and well-organized Salvation Army on M-59 in White Lake.

As an aside, you can find insanely cheap tchochkes and random household items at Rescued Treasures thrift stores. They've got a location in Warren and Waterford, and might have more, but basically every time I've gone there prices have been on sale at a 75% discount from the already low, low prices.
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Nthing the above recommendations, but you can also find some gems at the Value Village in Lincoln Park time and again.
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