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SoftDrinkFilter: Recently, Barr's have re-introduced the old style branding on their cans of Irn Bru (like so). But something has been bothering me since forever: what is the guy in the middle supposed to be?

He's holding aloft a glass of the girder-based drink and dressed in a white top and shorts with a kind of blue bib on. I remember asking about this when I was a wean and never got an answer. Is there anyone here who can put me out of my misery?
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I can't explain the clothing, but his pose reminds me of a highland dancer.
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if this is the same guy, then he looks to me like an old-timey boxer or some similar sort of athlete. At least he has the right outfit and is working on his muscles.

I'm no boxing historian, but this logo may have been made before the modern tropes of boxing (gloves, silk robes, etc.) became common, which would explain their absence.

He might also be a circus strongman, but the outfit is not quite right.
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Or I could just read the site where I got that image and we have an answer:

Adam Brown, a famous highland athlete from Shotts, featured in the label design.
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To me it looks like a runner drinking ambrosia.

I haven't had an Irn bru in a while... and I miss it.
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I've always thought it was a runner.
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Further down on the link AtomicBee posted, it says that Adam Brown was replaced by an unnamed Cambridge rower in 1922. The oar he held aloft in the original pic was substituted by a glass of the drink and that image appears to be the same as the one in the pic littleredspiders linked.
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