Keep me feets dry and warm!
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I've read this, and this but I'm looking for something more casual and maybe a low top shoe that I can wear to/from and at work or school.

My work dress code is casual but I don't think that walking around in colorful wellies would be appropriate. My go to shoe has always been the Adidas Samba or Dansko professional clog, but I don't think that either can make it through the fall and winter in New England. I saw some waterproof sneakers at LL Bean that were acceptable, but they are discontinued and didn't have my size in stock.

I want:

suitable for everyday wear - indoors for hours on my feet
can fit insoles
insulated (not essential)
flat heel

I don't want:

giant man boots
clunky/chunky/some other variation of this word
dress shoes
hiking boots
trail shoes

Does my ideal shoe exist? Suggestions?
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these were the acceptable LLBean shoes that handabear was talking about, but in a much less ugly color. but the non-hideous colors are no longer available at either the warehouse(s) or local stores.
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Get these in black. Comfortable, affordable, good for a variety of weather conditions, magically stay clean-looking, and have a business-casual look with pants.
Or, more weatherproof, these.
Either pair would be a good winter alternative to the clog, and would be dressier than a sneaker while still very comfortable.
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Merrell Mocs, water-resistant, very comfy and supportive. I have had a few pairs of these and I would say they are waterproof unless you are standing in a deep puddle for an usually long amount of time. But definitely for everyday puddle-splashing and tromping through snow, they keep my feet warm and dry. I also have a pair of casual (not super sporty/hikey) Merrell lace-up shoes that I cannot seem to find online, but I like a lot (they are from last fall).
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I've been using various forms of skater shoes for this purpose for the last ~5 years. Scotchgard 'em and you're golden! :)
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Maybe something made by Keen? These are pretty cute. Merrell, mentioned above, also makes some more traditional looking styles, most of which will be winter-appropriate. It might be worth combing through what Sierra Trading Post has available, as you can often find reasonable wintry stuff there for cheap.
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I've worn my Dansko Professionals more or less as winter boots while walking around campus here in Wisconsin. They worked well, but obviously if I was, say, going for a walk, they weren't great. But they were certainly watertight and kept me off the ground. Pair 'em with some Smartwools and you're good to go.

The Presidio Keens are pretty great; I'd wear mine more if they weren't a half-size too small :P

When I finally got around to buying some actual boots, these Keen Palermos are just the most wonderful thing of wonderfulness ever. I hate the idea of having to change shoes, and I don't like either big clompy boots or having to lace and unlace them every time I come inside. (Particularly when there are a lot of people in my area who have "no-shoes" houses.) These are stylish enough to look better than sneakers but don't scream BOOTS!!! when you wear them around campus all day. Bonus: they're fine on people (like me) who typically have problems finding boots because of larger calves.
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(When I say "Going for a walk" I meant "being dragged by my mother through snow-covered prairies in the Arboretum." And I wore the same pair of Professionals nearly every day for ~3 years. So, yes, they can handle it.)
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