Boston vet that specializes in large breeds
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Please recommend to me a veterinarian in the Boston area that specializes in large dog breeds.

I have a general vet already, but I'm getting a Newfoundland and I would really like to find someone who specializes in large breeds. I live in Cambridge, but am willing to travel for someone who is really good.
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I'd call Angell Memorial and/or Massachusetts Veterinary in Woburn, MA and ask that specific question. Chances are there's a doctor on-staff at one or the other who can help you, but if not, I'm sure they'd have referrals.
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I came on to recommend calling Angell, too. My parents' dog (110 pounds) had two joint replacements there, and the vets were incredibly knowledgeable about larger breeds. They also gave very good referrals throughout the dog's life, both for local vets and for other animal-related services.
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My Boston friend says: "we've had Dr. Susan Rabaut at the Framingham Animal Hospital for six Newfies over the years and she's been awesome. Not sure if she's still taking patients, though."
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