where to get a trailer hitch installed
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need to get a hitch installed, where to do it? cost?

I want to get a hitch installed on my 06 Ford Freestyle so I can pull a 4'x8' open trailer, which would likely have a 2" ball. Should I just go down to Uhaul and have them do it, or are there other places that will install one? I am in Columbus, Ohio. And what does this typically cost???
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U-Haul, ~$150 for a class 3 (3000lbs). Apparently they're the number one hitch install in the western world.
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If you want to save a few bucks, buy the hitch and have a mechanically -inclined friend install it. They're cake. Use loctite (blue) and re-torque the bolts after a trip around the block.
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I've put on a couple of hitches -- it really is totally easy, although a lot easier if you have a friend to help hold it up while you put in the first couple of bolts.

If you don't want to do it yourself, most places that sell or rent trailers do hitches, as do many muffler shops and independent mechanics. Hell, even the Ford dealer will do it for you, and possible for the same price as anyone else. Personally I wouldn't use Uhaul, because I've seen too many shoddy repairs on their equipment, but I'm sure they are capable of putting on the same hitch as anyone else.
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there are all versions of hitches online... if your google-fu is failing u... here:





most anyone can install for you... they just bolt on to your frame... the interesting thing is getting the wiring done nicely, and in a way that doesn't cause electrical issues. It's not that it's "rocket science" just that it's easy to do in a sloppy fashion and cause problems.
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I wouldn't go to Uhaul for anything, period. YMMV, natch.

As noted above, it shouldn't be hard to find somebody else to do it, and it's not too tough to do it yourself.
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My experience watching two different U-Haul facilities install hitches makes me unwilling to let U-Haul near my car with tools. I would talk to your friendly neighborhood mechanic (the one you would take your car to for anything other than warranty work). Ask them for a recommendation and what it would cost to install. I was quoted $300 for hitch and install on an 03 VW Jetta -- this included wiring harness.
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Last time I was in Pep-boys there was someone asking how much it cost them. I don't remember the answer, but it wasn't , "We don't do that here."
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My family had hitches installed on three different vehicles to tow boats and camper trailers when I was a kid, and U-Haul did it every time.
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I had a Truck'n America shop do mine on a Durango back in the Spring. They don't seem to have a location in Columbus, but there must be a camper cab / hitch / custom truck shop in town. I asked my mechanic where to go to get it done.
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thanks everyone
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