Sort within Firefox Tag folders?
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Can I sort Firefox bookmarks within tag folders?

In the 'Organize Bookmarks' screen, I have a 'tags' folder within my 'Bookmarks Menu' folder, and I can see the specific bookmarks within each tag using this window. On the main browsing screen, I can browse all bookmarks within a given tag by using the Bookmarks menu and hovering over the tag. I have the extension to sort bookmarks by name within the normal bookmarks folders, and that works well.

I'd like something that will sort bookmarks by name as they are listed in the tags folders. If there isn't anything, is there any way to re-arrange those bookmarks manually? Using the 'sort' function in the 'Organize Bookmarks' screen doesn't carry the changes over to the main Bookmarks menu. Thanks!
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Not sure if it's exactly what you want, but I use the TagSifter extension to browse my bookmarks by their tags. It displays them in a sidebar and you can sort the bookmarks within each tag by name, date added etc, and has a nice query syntax as well as tag filtering.

It's not officially compatible with FF 3.5 yet but it works fine for me on that version - you just need to disable the compatibility checker (about:config > toggle extensions.checkCompatibility)
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With Firefox 3.5 and up, you need the experimental version of this add-on, but it seems to work! here
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