Paid internships in London?
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How do I find a professional paid internship or temporary position in London?

I am an American college and law school graduate who would like to live and work temporarily (1-3 months) in London and be paid some stipend, however minimal. The particular field of work isn't important, but I would like it be a substantive job (not copying and filing, etc). How do I go about such a job search? I'm looking for specific websites, job agencies, etc. And does Craigslist work for finding a job there?
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Try these web pages:

Graduate Talent Pool

The Careers Group


Gumtree is used way more than Craigslist is.
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Craigslist isn't big in London. The equivalent is Gumtree. As a law graduate, you should be able to get paralegal work. It may not be interesting work, but it'll be well paid as temp jobs go.
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I presume you're legally able to work in the UK?

I work in a large law firm in London. If you'd like to MeMail your CV to me, I could pass it on to HR (with absolutely no guarantees, of course - I don't have any power to hire people). At the least, I could get some suggestions about other places to look.
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