window insulation film
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Is there an inexpensive source for the heat-shrink window insulation film in rolls or larger quantities than the standard kit?

I put up the window insulation last year but, because of the size and shape of my windows, each box only did about three windows. Ace does carry a less expensive kit but it seems like there should be rolls somewhere, that I could put up with regular double-sided tape.
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Don't know where you can get rolls of the stuff, and this won't help you this year, but at the end of winter, places like Home Despot tend to just clearance that sort of stuff rather than store it or ship it back. Buddy of mine picked up like six kits for 20 bucks a few years ago.
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Here is a source for rolls of shrink film.
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Careful of the 'regular' double-sided tape. A lot of that stuff will take the paint off your windows and/or be difficult to remove if left on all winter.
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I can, in Quebec, Canada, buy rolls of the stuff at any big box hardware store. Measures 2.13 m by 7.62m when you roll it out and unfold it (it comes folded in two, which is convenient for putting up a thicker layer on smaller spaces).

I haven't bought boxed kits for years; these rolls come in a bag with the double-sided tape.

No idea where you live, so I don't know if you'll be able to get these, but look around hardware stores or ask if they can order them (I'd imagine national chains can get some even if they don't regularly stock them) so you can save on shipping.
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Not sure if pallet wrap would shrink the same way or not, but they sell huge rolls of it fairly cheaply at big-box home improvement stores.
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My neighbor recommended using bubblewrap. He's always building some sort of energy energy saving contraption. (This is the site he gets his ideas from.) He claims it's easier to apply than the kits, but I'm not sure how much it costs. Just cut it to shape, spray a little mist of water on it, and stick it to the window. He marks his, and reuses them too. So, I suppose that'd save you some cash too. Sounds easy, but not sure if you can just grab some at your local menards or something.
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Also in Montreal, and I get the rolls at Canadian Tire (big hardware and housewares store).
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I've gotten bulk rolls at Wal-Mart. I think a Home Depot or other big box store would have something similar as well.

You don't need the shrink-to-fit kits, either. You can just buy bulk plastic film at Ace and apply it yourself. I haven't had good success with standard double-sided tape, though, because these are just too heavy. Depending on your circumstances, it may make better sense to tack it in place and tape down the edges for a final seal.
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I used a clear shower curtain, but I put it outside so it didn't do that nifty stretched shrinky thing. But it did the job nicely. I considered using painting drop cloths, you can pick them out in varying thicknesses, and they sell it by the roll in home depot/lowes/walmart fairly cheaply.
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Thanks for the answers. I haven't seen the rolls at my local Ace and last time I was at Home Depot they didn't have them, either, but I'll check again. I'll also reconsider using standard double sided tape. Sounds like that may be more hassle than it's worth to remove.
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