stackable washer dryer what is the best
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Have you ever bought a stackable washer/dryer? I'm looking for a New York City sized washer dryer set, something that will fit in my small space. I have a hookup that was here when I bought the place but I've never used it. Any thoughts on what the smallest, most incredibly efficent, wonderful, washer/dryer unit might be?
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I am afraid I don't have any experience with their combo units, but I have to say that the LG washer we bought about 2 years ago is amazing. My understanding is that LG got their chops selling to the European market where water concumption and electricity consumption is more closely scrutinized than in North America. We increased the amount of laundry we did, probably 2.5-3 fold, right after buying the washer and noticed no increase in electrical usage or water consumption. Amazing. They aren't cheap, but they really do pay for themselves...Here is a link to one of their combo units.

Again, we did not buy the combo, but when it comes to miserly energy and water consumption, I think LG may be the best.
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I've a Kenmore front-loading stackable, and it is seriously great. And they've only become better in the past three years.

The most incredibly efficient, wonderful units are going to be European front-loaders. Miele has some terrific little jobs. I don't believe I've noticed any Japanese-branded front-loading washers, but I can't say as I've actively looked.

However, I think you're likely best off looking for a Kenmore/GE/whomever makes them (they're all the same machine with different faceplates), as they likely offer the best bang for the buck.

Though, gotta say, Miele is really beautiful...
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I second the above comments... front-loading washer/dryers originated in Europe, and the non-US brands are more refined than their US counterparts (and more expensive, too).

That said, I have a G.E. stacking washer/dryer in my apartment. It's not unattractive, wasn't particularly expensive, and works very well.
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I have a fairly old Maytag set which works great. However, I had another home equipment issue a couple of years ago and the repairman who came said that what I have is the pinnacle of (whatever the core part name is) but that no manufacturers bother with quality any more. Not surprising, eh?
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You may want to look into clothes processors. They are single-unit combination washer-dryers. You put dirty clothes in, and clean clothes come out. I don't know about cost, but they are definitely small and labor efficient.
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That clothes processor idea is amazing. I always wondered why a talented engineer could not combine the wash and dry functions into one unit. I guess someone has.

Thanks for the link.
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I live in NYc and I have a Maytag gas washer dryer stackable unit and I have to leave my apartment so it's for sale. It works great!
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Downside to the clothesprocessor is that you can't run the washer while using the dryer. I dunno about all your households, but here we generally have both going at the same time.

If you're buying a new dryer, make sure it's one of the ones that reverses direction every once in a while. It's bound to make a huge difference when drying towels and sheets, 'cause they won't get all tangled up.

I, personally, don't think Euro-made is going to be appreciably better than Kenmore-made. I've peered inside the guts of my Kenmore front-loader, and I tell you it is one sophisticated bit of machinery.

And to repeat: you really want a front-loader as soon as possible. It is indescribably better than top-loading.
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We're about to buy new washer and dryer units, and we've been looking around -- we're going to get either the Frigidaire Gallery washer and matching dryer from H.H. Gregg, or the Kenmore set, which is substantially the same. We are going to have to finance, though, so H.H. Gregg is looking better w/ 18 months same as cash.
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Second on the Equator. I have a Thor (similar machine, the Equator is supposed to be a little better), and love it. Very, very space efficient.

I pull the clothes out while they are a bit damp, and hang them on a retractable clothesline over my bed. In the winter, this has the added benefit of adding humidity to my bone dry house. If it is summer (and therefore humid), I am probably already running the ceiling fan in that room.

If I let the clothes get dry in the Thor, they do tend to wrinkle (I wear mostly 100% cotton, so wrinkles are a fact of life here). It uses very little detergent. The gentle cycle handles my silks and wools with no problem, even stuff that says hand wash only.

It is very energy efficient. It does use water to dry, but my water bill is still much lower than that of all my neighbours. And I'm not lifting heavy wet clothes to move them to a dryer.

It wouldn't be suitable for a group of people, probably. For one or two people, it is sufficient.
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While I love the space and evergy savings (wow) of the Equator - I'm not blown away by performance. It takes quite a while to dry if you want something fully dry in the ventless machine. However, I understand the vented one is better at this.

But if space is a premium and energy efficiency is your goal, you can't really beat it.
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MM: I believe Fridgidaire, Kenmore, and GE are all made in the same factory. IOW, the ones that looks the same, are the same; only the faceplates change.

Sears sometimes has stonkin' good deals where the machines are on sale, they offer a credit card sign-up bonus, and they're running an interest-free program on appliance purchases. Which really makes the purchase a no-brainer.
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You can fit a stackable washer/dryer in your NYC apartment? *sighs. My Manhattan place is jealous!
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