Looking for a nystagmus/artcar tracker
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Help me find online map based tracking tools

I'm looking for software that will help me graph both time and physical location. For example, I want to keep track of every time and every place I get nystagmus. Evenings, when I'm at sea-level? Sundays near crowds?

I also envision the same tool being used by a group of friends to pinpoint when and where they spot a certain art car in town.

Maybe something like google maps, with colored pinpoints for time. If anyone has example data of this variety that is graphed in a meaningful way, I'd like a link to that as well.
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Are you looking for software only? If so, Google's My Maps will do a fine job of this if you're recording the location in a less technical way -- say paper and pen -- and later submitted the data to the online map. However, if you're looking for hardware (a GPS device, for instance) that you can set waypoints with, which then interfaces with an online map later, you might want to experiment with the iPhone. Commercial cliches aside, there seriously is an app for almost everything.
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Get a handheld GPS and some rechargeable batteries. Leave the thing on, and add a Waypoint (usually represented as a map pin) to wherever you are every time it happens.

You'll be able to pull all of the Waypoints into the mapping software to get a visual track, and also (I think) get a plain text listing of the Waypoints that shouldreveal the timestamps.

I paid $140 for a DeLorme PN-20 and it comes with all the maps and software (Topo 8.0) that should handle it. Not free, I grant you, but an idea anyway.
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