Therapist recommendation?
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Please recommend a family therapist in the Twin Cities area, preferably in Apple Valley, Eagan or Burnsville.

Looking for a safe environment for my wife and I and our adult son to work out our
issues. Ability to evaluate possible adult autism a big plus.
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You can call 612.870.2426 for Chrysalis/Tubman, which does family counseling and could probably make the evaluation you need. They're on First Ave, though.
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Fraser has an autism program but IDK about their family systems work. Relate Counseling does family work in 'Tonka, and the Psychology Today website also has a "find a therapist" tool. You could also contact your insurance company to see who they cover. If you are uninsured feel free to MeMail me and I can link you to some places with sliding fees. Good luck.
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*Fraser autism program is for kids. As for adult evals, you may have to go through a psychiatrist, but IANAD. I had a hell of a time trying to find someone who did adult ADHD evals.
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MSP Magazine's Top Doctors has a category for psychiatry with 9 psychiatrists listed. There are also a few entries under "Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent."
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Try MidWest Center for Personal and Family Development. They have an office in Burnsville.

I don't see him in the clinician list, but if you were willing to go to the St Paul office (just off University and 280), you might ask of Dr. Robert Hurlbut is taking new patients; last I heard he was semi-retired but would be an ideal fit for your situation. I believe that's his wife in the list but I have no idea what her focus is.

If he's not an option, they should still be able to address both issues at the same office, if not with the same doctor. ADHD is not autism, but MidWest Center does do adult ADHD evals, so I would guess that autism would also be within their abilities to diagnose as well.

Good luck.
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