I need to ship a package on Sunday in NYC
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I need to ship a book scanner today in NYC/Manhattan. It is fragile. It's an 11x11x22" box, which needs to be put inside a box. I don't have this box. Any carrier is fine. The fact that it is Sunday makes things unusually hard. Suggestions?

Is Mailboxes, etc my only option?
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Hmm, Mailboxes isn't even open today.
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looks like Fedex/Kinkos on 239 7th ave will work.
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Fedex Kinkos has many 24 hr locations in Manhattan. They've got boxes, too, though you can usually get those at any Duane Reed or CVS anyway. Not sure if UPS has 24 hour locations, but they pride themselves on packing things safely for you.
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there ya go.
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the biggest box they have won't fit -- i'm going to try u-haul to get a box
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562 W 23Rd St
(@ 11 Av-Chelsea)
Manhattan, NY 10003

(212) 620-4177
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UPS does not have 24hr services on Sunday
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There's also a 24 hr FedEx/Kinkos on W. 72nd St. near B'way. You might want to call them and ask what size boxes they have!
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fedex boxes are limited to 17x22x3" at all locations. i'm looking around elsewhere. could probably find something in the trash/on the street. u-haul is surprisingly hard to talk to, but it seems like they should easily have boxes that big. going there in person now.
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When I lived in Manhattan, my 24-hour mini-storage place sold moving boxes. It was a Manhattan Mini-Storage around 43rd and 12th, but there are lots of them around.
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If you are getting your box elsewhere, you could ship at the Farley Post Office at 33rd and 8th. They are open from 11am to 7pm on Sundays. (Until a month or so ago, they were one of the last post offices open 24-7, every day of the year).
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You can ship big shit through Greyhound. They're open weekends. Dunno if that helps or not. (I can't tell from your comment if the scanner is too big for FedEx to ship or just too big to fit in one of the boxes they sell.)
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Thanks all. I ended up getting a box from U-Haul in Chelsea, but as it turns out the FedEx Kinkos on Duane had boxes that were plenty big and better quality. Sigh, bad phone information people.

The thing shipped out no problem and under budget, even though it did take a few hours to schlep around and figure out all the details.
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33rd and 8th would have been too perfect. Damn.
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