"Why, Brad darling, this painting is a MASTERPIECE!"
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Say you were going as one of Roy Lichtenstein's pop art girls for Halloween. What would you wear?

I've got some serious makeup inspiration from MAC and a bright yellow wig, but I can't seem to figure out the clothes. Rockabilly-inspired stuff doesn't feel quite right. I'd ideally like something that covers most of me (lessening the amount of paint-covered skin I can rub on things all night), and I'm definitely thinking gloves and stockings. This and this are awesome, but so expensive... they're real clothes, not costume clothes/secondhand, and they might be a little to vixen-ish for the target look anyway. Any suggestions for specific outfits, as well as general ideas and terms I can search, are much appreciated.
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I'd go for good girl garb...button-up cardigan and circle skirt.
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An angora type sweater set, tight pencil skirt, very pointy toed 3-4 inch heels, plus matching white pearl style necklace & earrings.
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Visit your local thrift store and look for a plain, solid color dress that's lower calf length and could be cinched in with a belt, or a plain twin-set type thin cardigan (tight) and long slim skirt. If you don't like the sweater idea, you could wear a white oxford cloth shirt with the skirt. Look for primary colors (red and yellow especially) only, and white and black, in iconic, classic styles. No prints except possibly red and white stripes. The simpler the better. Pumps. You don't see too many full-length views of his girls, so you can take artistic license with their clothes. I've never seen any wearing gloves though - the things I associate with them are tiny black dots (heh), red lips, pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, rotary telephones, blond hair, and tears. A few fake tears and a black telephone would be great touches.
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Polka dots would probably hint at the effect you're looking for.
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Yup, polka dots.

Also, mr. hgg recommends a paper talk balloon on a stick saying something like "Oh, Brad..." that you can hold up next to your head when the spirit moves you.
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Polka dots, (and to push the connection and help your audience get it, incorporate newsprint, fine lines, blocks of primary colors.) Do the big round pearl earring, the matte red lip and dark red or black nails, the wavy hair and carry an old fashioned clunky black telephone receiver. I don't quite agree with the twin-set and circle skirt suggestions. People will think you are channeling Grease.
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And I love mr. hgg's idea, I just forgot to type that part! That'll do it.
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I don't have a specific item in mind but modcloth has a pretty good variety of vintage or vintage-y dresses that might fit the bill.
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It would be hilarious to find a way to make up your face like a halftone. Put the cosmetics on in little dots...
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That's definitely the plan, gjc! And good suggestions so far everyone, I'm excited.
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Consider getting some spray-tan and some kind of perforated stencil to recreate the signature Ben-day pattern.

A craft store would probably have a piece of 8.5x11 cardstock filled with tiny holes. Otherwise, maybe a colander?

Either way, this would totally sell me on your costume.
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And if you can swing it, don't forget the constant teardrop on one eye...
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