Doesa anyone recognize this 80s horror short scenario?
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Does anyone know of a horror short film/ ad/ preview from the 80s wherein a fisherman at the edge of a lake bites into an apple he finds on the ground, realizes there is a line coming out of the apple...

... grabs his throat which starts squirting blood, realizes there is a hook attached to the line that is sticking out of his neck, and then gets dragged, gurgling, into the lake?

Know it sounds silly, but I saw this as a very little kid and for years I've had this image of the fisherman being dragged into a lake in my head. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with a horror movie I was shown as a little kid (damn multiple older brothers.) Maybe it was a preview on an old VHS of Friday the 13th, maybe it was a screwy PETA ad, who knows. I can't say. Just curious if that scenario rings a bell for anyone.
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Not '80s, but here's a short starring Ewan McGregor that has that basic plot. It's called DESSERTS.
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I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Blood Hook
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Or maybe Escapes, which featured a short called 'Something's Fishy' with the exact same plot.
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You're not crazy. I remember seeing this myself. And I also unfortunately share your amnesia toward the source.
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Some more ideas here, including another mention of Escapes, which apparently specifically had an apple as the bait.
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Yet another mention of Escapes, I think that's probably your movie.
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I remember a similar scene, but the human was hooked by a piece of cheese. If I recall correctly, it was a (very disturbing) commercial for cheese.
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Response by poster: Escapes sounds like a winner. Thanks!
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I have strong memories of this being an ad on the Sci-Fi channel, like around 10 years ago.
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(I mean one of their self-promo bumpers, not an ad for some specific movie)
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I also remember seeing this as a kid, and it has likewise been in my head ever since. I always thought it was from Creepshow, but looks like it was from Escapes.
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