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Any recommendations for an optometrist in Ottawa? And what pieces of information do I need (which a doc might not give me) to order new glasses online? (sorry, multi-pronged)

I've recenly moved to Ottawa and I haven't gotten new glasses (of a different perscription) in about six years. I have gotten my eyes checked regularly, but the decline has been very slow--last time (3 yrs) I was roughly 20/20 with my current scrip on. Computer eyestrain and street signs are telling me it's time to bite the bullet. That and my main pair broke on me last week. 8(
  1. The last optometrist I went to used some kind of testing method I hadn't encountered before--I don't remember much about it other than it was NOT the standard giant mask with the: "Better or worse? Better or worse?" clicking of lens combinations. All I really remember was having to focus my eyes independantly and I *could not* do it. If anyone knows what that is, I'd love a name so I can avoid it.
  2. Last (I think) is what information do I need to have about my eyes in order to be able to order additional pairs from online places? Pupillary distance1? Skull measurements?
  3. I know there's been some commentary in AskMe about online places and experiences with said, so I'll go looking for past recommendations. New ones always welcome, though.
1 - I know this term because a friend of mine used to work in the production side of optical industry. He also told me how much a plastic lens blank costs, and I've hated the optical industry in Canada ever since.
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Best answer: I live in Ottawa, and I've been to the Ottawa Optometic Clinic. I've been to both locations, and had a couple of different eye doctors with a good experience.
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Best answer: Yes, pupilary distance absolutely for online glasses.
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Best answer: There are optometrists all over the place. You may want to shop around, especially if you don't have coverage: some of them charge a lot more than others. Don't expect to get in instantly; the places I tried had wait times of several weeks or more.
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Best answer: In the past I've seen Dr. Estelle Saunders, who is part of the Merivale Optometric Clinic in Emerald Square. She was fine.

The last time I replaced my glasses, I went to Albert Opticians on Sparks Street and got an expensive but oh-so-gorgeous pair of Bevel Spectacles. I used their optometrist for the exam, but it looks like he's not there anymore (Dr. Wei Liu is their current optometrist).

I've had nothing but terrific service from Albert Opticians and the old optometrist there (he told me my eyes weren't bad, they were just deep. *swoon*). They had to replace my lenses because the prescription was too strong, and they did it for free. Plus they replaced the lenses again for free a few years later, when the coating was very scratched. I go in all the time to get adjustments, since my two little kids are always grabbing the glasses off my face.

Hope that's helpful.
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Best answer: That's Albert Opticians.
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Best answer: Costco is the cheapest, and my experience there -- at the west end Kanata Costco with a ?Dr Joseph Fu? -- was great. $55, a couple of years ago. My second-last pair of glasses were bought from the same Costco, shockingly cheap for brick-and-mortar brand-name frames. Selection is on the smaller side, though, so my next pair came from No problems at all there. I did leave with a full Rx without having to ask for it or anything, but misplaced it, and they called Dr Fu's office for the details without hassle.
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Best answer: I recommend Dr Kirsten Beauchesne. At ~$80, it was cheaper than my last assessment. Her office is near Tunney's Pasture. She also gave me no pressure to buy her glasses when I told her I had already picked mine out somewhere else. I'm sure they will have no problem giving you pupilary distance as they also sell glasses and will have the measuring-thingy machine.
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Best answer: zenni optical has been mentioned a lot. I finally ordered from them last week.
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Best answer: ...and I had to specify pupillary distance. (sorry, I left that part off)
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Response by poster: Great and useful answers across the board. Thanks all.
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