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Movie Question: An indie movie I saw on the Independant Film channel in the States, in 1996. Once I found it on IMDB, and then lost it again. Teenage prank in small town Minnesota. Fake a gang shooting. More inside

The prank goes very bad. The wrong guy is fake shot. Instead they find a real bank robber in the trunk. Their buddy is picked up by the robber's partner, and forced to help with the real bank robbery.

It was an awesome film, very shocking and surprising as usually only indie films can be. I need it for my library, help!
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Is it Fall Time?
posted by goatdog at 5:40 AM on December 31, 2004

Response by poster: Bingo! 11 minutes and the right answer! Simply amazing.

The film is great!
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When the new categorized AskMe comes up, we definitely need a category for "identify this vaguely remembered book/movie." It's getting to be the primary use (second being anonymous questions asking whether they should steal from a given company due to an accounting error)
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That sounded a bit negative; don't get me wrong, I don't mind these questions, though I am a bit testy at the the latter type ;)
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