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What can I expect to pay for a tent, dance floor! and tables/chairs for an outdoor wedding on Long Island?

Someone here must have experience with this. I'm thinking it's going to be 75-100 guests.

Anyone have any idea/personal experience and willing to share what you paid -- better yet, vendor recommendations?
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Do you know of a local restaurant that caters to weddings? Most of those places rent this kind of equipment for special events. As they usually deal with multiple companies and use them several times a year, a friendly restaurant manager should be more helpful than someone who has only done it once.
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Check out indiebride kvetch and wedding bee's local Long Island board. You will probably get good results by posting questions there, after you search their pages. You also want to call around and get some quotes so you can compare. These things depend somewhat on the specific date you're looking for, and there are a lot of variables re tent quality, tent accessories, lighting etc.
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I paid $300 for a tent, table & chairs setup five years ago. They did all the work the day before, then came back the day after. If I remember who I used, I will let you know, but I am drawing a blank.
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