What happened to the special edition Kill Bill DVDs?
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So early last year, we were informed that Miramax would be gouging fans as much as possible on Kill Bill DVD releases, and that a special fancy edition would come out for Christmas. For that reason, I held off buying it. Now here it is almost new year's eve and no fancy edition. What gives?
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Wait until next year. :) I assume it's because Kill Bill 2 just came out on DVD last month. In the meantime, enjoy your soon to be quaint 'normal editions' of Kill Bill 1 and 2 and start prepping your Christmas list for next year for the complete set.
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No idea, but it's out in France, and it looks sweet.

There's also a Japanese version that's a little more violent than the US one, that you can import.
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Just guessing, but Miramax has gone through some extremely rough times this year, has laid off a bunch of staff, is fighting with Disney over the continued involvement of the Weinstein brothers with the company (their contract is up in 2005), etc. etc. I'm betting that a number of plans that Miramax made last year are currently being rethought, as their future is still very much up in the air.

This NY Times article from a few days ago alludes to the current mess.
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Response by poster: No idea, but it's out in France, and it looks sweet.

woah, mama.
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The Japanese version is the same length as the US version -- it's just that the bit of the "House of Blue Leaves" fight that was made B&W to get an R rating in the States is in glorious bloody full color in the Japanese version.

But yeah, Miramax sucks and they all need to die.
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Actually, it turns out I was wrong.
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No idea, but it's out in France, and it looks sweet.

Yeah like Miramax, please gouge me. I so want to be gouged in that way. That edition does indeed look so sweet.
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That's what you get for making your purchasing decisions based on speculation extrapolated from a rumor found in a posting on an IMDb message board. If such a product really were in the works, Miramax would have let everyone know far in advance -- DVD releases have to be planned out months ahead to coordinate the marketing, production, and distribution. That goes double for a big, fancy box set. If they really had been planning to do this, it would have been a big project not easily derailed, even by internal strife and disarray.
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FYI, to tide you over perhaps--if you feel like coming down from Toronto--Quentin and Uma are doing a little public chit-chat love-in thingey in-person at MoMA in NYC on January 10th, 2005; call 212) 708-9400 for more info.
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