Looking for a 3D model of the human head
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I'm trying to visualize, in 3D, the structure of my sinuses/nasal cavity. Is there a transparent 3D model of the human head somewhere out there on this crazy internet thing?

I'm very happy since I started using a neti pot (actually, a neti-pot-type squeeze bottle made by NeilMed). But I have a hard time visualizing exactly where the water is going (besides the obvious -- up my nose). I'd be interested in seeing some kind of QuicktimeVR-type model (that is, zoomable, rotatable, etc) that would show me, in 3D, the sinuses and nasal cavity.

When I'm doing nasal irrigation, does the water go into the sinuses? Or just the nasal cavity? Why do my ears sometimes plug up? How exactly does the nasal cavity connect with the back of the throat?

There are plenty of 2D diagrams around, but I feel like I could understand these questions better if I could see a transparent 3D model. Any pointers?

- AJ
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You could try "brain tutor" if you have an iPhone.
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You can order a model at the Discovery Channel store. I don't know how detailed the sinus are inside--I had the "visible dog" model as a child and remember it being satisfyingly detailed.
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If you want to go balls out, get yourself a DICOM viewer (Osirix for OSX, ezDICOM for Windows or KradView for Linux.

Then check out this huge repository of DICOM data.

There's a couple of good heads and modalities in there for you to play with.
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Best answer: The demo of the Visible Body software just happens to be the head. You can turn transparency of various parts on and off.
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Response by poster: jedicus, that sounds EXACTLY like what I am looking for. I'm off to check it out ...

- AJ
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Response by poster: OK, first let me say: Jedicus, that is TOTALLY AWESOME. I have been playing around with that for the last hour.

It doesn't exactly show what I want, though, because it doesn't include the soft tissue. Also, wow, the facial structure is much more complex than I realized, what with your Ethmoids and your Lacrimal Bones and your Inferior Nasal Conchas glavin.

But anyway, if anyone is reading this, you have GOT to check out the way-cool Visible Body thing.

- AJ
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Response by poster: OK, just as a follow-up before I close this out ... I didn't realize at first that you CAN show the soft tissue, you just click on the little "ADD" buttons. After playing around with this for quite some time, I wasn't able to get a real clear picture of the sinuses and nasal cavity. However, it is still pretty awesome, so thanks, jedicus.

- AJ
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