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In Sharepoint, is there a way to send a weekly report(every monday) showing the status of a list?

We are using MOSS 2007, I have sharepoint designer, and we have a particular list (plan of actions and milestones) that I want to send out every monday showing the status of any open POAMs.

Any suggestions, i am new to sharepoint, but i am a programmer, so if i can't find a solution here, i will figure something else out... i am thinking i can create a workflow or something... but not sure.
- Tim
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You could do a workflow that sleeps and wakes up every once in awhile and checks to see if it is Monday and send out a reminder....but that works at the item level rather than the list level. If you've got the programming chops it isn't hard to write something and schedule it do what you want. The SharePoint SDK has enough examples to get this task accomplished.
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You can also use the built in alerts. (From your list click Actions...Alert Me.) Set "When to send alerts" to "Send a weekly summary" on Monday at 9am. That will send a list that shows any document that has been updated in the last week.
Not exactly what you want, but it won't require any coding.

Otherwise, I'd build a console app that opens your list and parses through all the documents to generate an email. Schedule it to run weekly on your server via the Schedule service.

Something like:
for each (SPListItem in SPList) {...add a line to my email}
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I may have solved my problem... I created a recurring calendar item on the Sharepoint Calendar (it's hidden, no one uses it...) And created a workflow that checks to see current date and if title equals name of recurring item... if so, it sends out an email with all active POAM's... I am testing this one today...
- tim
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