A perfect afternoon in San Francisco.
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The rest of this afternoon and into the early evening in San Francisco, no car but there is good public transport of course. I was hoping to hit the Exploratorium but they're closed on Mondays -- dang. It's a perfect afternoon...

It's a perfect afternoon, I'm at Fort Mason, about 1000 steps to an old pier where I love to write letters and/or journal entries and reflect on the profundities of life etc and etc, perfect views of everything I want to look at. Or a walk to the Golden Gate bridge, that's fun but I've done that on past trips. I'm fine sitting in the sun on that favorite pier writing and drinking fine tea unless you have something that I absolutely ought not to miss out on -- I've got from now until about 9:00 or 9:30, when I've got to head to the airport for a red-eye home.

I've thought maybe a ferry ride to Sausalito but I sailed on the bay yesterday and doubt I can top that with some dang ferry ride -- am I wrong? Or maybe Ann LaMott is reading somewheres or other, maybe some poet or other that I ought not miss, an art show, or ?? I can easy rent a nice bike but I'm sortof worn from this trip and not totally up to these hills and dales or what have you. I don't have tons of bread but I've got enough if you've got something jammin' that I've just got to do.

Any ideas?
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Best answer: go to the steinhart aquarium!
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Best answer: after the aquarium sit in the Japanese tea garden
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or after the aquarium walk across the street to the DeYoung (note, usually they just call it the California Academy of Sciences now which includes the aquarium)
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Best answer: Walk back over the hill from Fort Mason to (shudder) Fisherman's Wharf, get on an F line streetcar, and ride it all the way to the Castro - where it stops to turn around. Walk down Castro street to 18th or 19th and get a coffee (Philz on 18th or Spike's on 19th) and then back up to 17th to catch another F back downtown... You will travel up Market street and get to see a wide cross section of the architecture, neighborhoods, and people in our fair city.
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