ood places to network in Boston area?
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Good places to network for helping finding a job in Boston area? (Especially marketing, events, media and technology)

So I have hit the dreaded six months of unemployment anniversary. My grad schools career office has not been very helpful so I am turning to the hive mind.

After meeting with a former professor in my MBA program I have determined I really need to build my network. Thus far the MBA program itself has not been useful in this respect as it is VERY finance heavy and I AM NOT a finance guy. I am a creative guy who is getting his MBA. I have experience in start-ups, marketing, filmmaking, product development, creative problem solving.

So where might I network and meet people who could help me? Years ago I tried the Chamber of Commerce, but it was filled with sales people trying to sell other sales people stuff (as well as being well right of my political beliefs).

Where else?

Bonus points if its South Shore area..
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MITX events in Boston would be a good choice (except for the not South Shore part). They usually have a good crowd, and that's where I turn when I'm looking for folks.
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http://www.webinnovatorsgroup.com/ has networking events on a regular basis. Not just for Web developers, a lot of young companies show up looking for all kinds of talent.
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