Help me fix my bifold door.
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How do I repair my bifold door?

I have a bifold closet door that fell off of its track. At the bottom of the door is a pin that anchors it to the floor. When the door fell, the pin was wrenched, causing the hole that held it to be stripped. Now, the hole that it needs to go into is much bigger than it should be because the wood was ripped up when the door fell.

How should I fill up the excess space in the hole so that I can put the pin back in it?
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Best answer: Sounds like a job for epoxy. Pick some up at your local hardware store, position the door upside down so that it won't run out and glue the pin right in (you may need to use a little tape to hold it in position while the epoxy cures). If needed, you can add a little sawdust to the epoxy to thicken it and reduce the amount used.
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I would drill out the torn up area then glue in a section of wooden dowel the same size as the hole you drilled. Then, after the glue has fully set, drill a hole in the patched area the same size as the metal pin. The door is now fixed to the same state as when it left the factory.
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Best answer: Fill the hole with wood filler, after it cures drill a new hole & reinsert the pin.
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There are plastic inserts that allow you to drill the hole oversize, install the insert and then re-mount the pin.
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