Whats that design site?
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Whats that site? Freelance logo and website design by a community.

Someone somewhere sent me a link to this GREAT site. It was basically people requesting website designs and logos. They would set a budget (most seemed $150-$600), and the community would post their ideas. The images were shown in a grid (maybe 4 wide?) as thumbnails. The "buyer' could nix the ones they didnt like (and they showed up dimmed, or with an X or something), while asking for changes to ones they liked. Eventually one was chosen.

Anyone know the site?
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Best answer: 99designs?
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Response by poster: Thanks Funky! Thats it!
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To me, this sounds like Logo Tournament. Great site!
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Bear in mind the rates on 99designs have gone up a lot - it's something like a $300 minimum for a logo now.
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Also available in this vein is Crowdspring.

I once had a mefite design a logo for me for $150 and was very pleased with the result. This happened after I asked in metatalk a stupid question that indicated I was looking for logo design, and several people responded in the thread that they would be willing to help me (for pay of course). The designer I chose was willing to consult with me about it and revise as needed, not just drop one version of the logo on me. I had some initial ideas of what I was looking for, then he took that and ran with it and came up with something quite brilliant.

There are a lot of very talented graphic designers here and if it was kosher (is it?) and you wanted to get someone here to do it, you could post in this thread (or would Jobs be more appropriate?).
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Just as a side note..

While the project you may need this logo for might be small and just needs something quick and generic, crowdsourcing, as it's called, is very looked down upon by professional designers as any Joe, Bob and Sally can join up with these sites with little to no credibility and whip something up for much much less than it's worth.

Furthermore, because people want to submit as many designs as they can, there are a lot of copyright infringement issues where people will steal some clipart, slap some text over it and edit it just enough to try to pass it off as their own.

Like marble suggested, there are a lot of designers on Mefi that would love to help and would be able to offer you much more than sites like this can for the same price.
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