Help me find an earworm from a cartoon...
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It's an animated short from (probably) Liquid Television in the early nineties. It's got explorers on ships that find a new world and change the natives with religion and money. It's backed by an old song in Spanish from a scratchy record that I can remember no words to.

The cartoon was actually pretty good, funny and sad (while I'm asking questions, isn't there a word for that?), but I'm really more interested in the song; the tune has been coming into my head for years now. I've looked and looked to no avail. Anyone?
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Best answer: Black Hula
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(didn't read the more is #6 here by King Bennie Nawahi
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Response by poster: Holy something. Thank you, bonobothegreat, that is precisely it. It really is a fantastic short, even better than I remember; and the song makes me want to get more King Bennie Nawahi music.
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Loved that, thanks.

I'm left wondering, however, what we should take away from that short (other than the fact that its great and has great music). Basically we're all dead in the end? I wanted something more intrinsically bad to come from the conversion experience.
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amazing... I've been looking for that short, and that song, since a couple years after it first aired. Thanks.
posted by muta at 7:52 AM on October 4, 2009's a much better quality version. It really is a pretty charming cartoon, eh?
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