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I made a poster using Apple iWorks Pages. The default size (and the only size I'm able to print) is 8.5 x 11. How can I get this poster onto quarter sheets; four images of it onto a single 8.5 x 11 sheet?
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Do you want to fit 4 copies of the poster / flyer on one sheet, or do you want to stretch the page over four sheets to make it into a bigger poster?

In the first case you can choose the Pages per Sheet option in the print view to shrink the pages.
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If you can't get it to work within Pages, Acrobat will do this if you can export or print to PDF.

From the Acrobat print dialog, you can set it to print multiple pages per sheet and it will do the rest for you. (Or did you mean a larger poster made of 4 tiled 8.5x11 sheets? Acrobat will work either way.)
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Don't forget that most printers will need to put white margins around all edges of each page. In other words, if your design crosses a page edge, there might be a white gap.
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If you're using Pages 09, do the following:

1. If you are not viewing the page thumbnails on the left, go to the View menu and select Page Thumbnails.

2. Select your poster and hit command-D (or choose Duplicate from the Edit menu) three times. You now have 4 identical pages.

3. Choose Print. In the print dialog, from the Layout popup menu, choose 4 pages per sheet.
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Perfect! Thanks for the detail.
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