Help me find these funny glasses
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Help me find glasses like these in New York City.

I need them to complete a Halloween costume, but I'm not seeing them in any of the stores I've visited. The design is unimportant; the important thing is the cardboard eye piece with the hole for seeing.

Already visited: Party City, the costume shop on Broadway between 11th and 12th St, Ricky's, some dollar stores in my neighborhood. Been scanning the drugstores, too, but nothing so far.

I suppose I could buy them online if it comes down to that, but I don't need a dozen pairs and I don't want to pay whatever in shipping for something I would think I could buy in person for a couple of bucks.
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Try Fantasma Magic Shop across from Penn Station, around 33rd and 7th. If they don't have it, they might know who does.
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This also seems reasonably easy to facsimile if you have some blank frames
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These usually seem to come in a large party-size pack anyway, so I think you should go ahead and buy them online. The time it will save you is worth a couple bucks for shipping.
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I think I saw them at Reminiscences on 23rd St near 6th Ave
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Pineapplicious gets best answer; Reminiscences did not have them, but the employees there sent me to Abracadabra two blocks down, which did.
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