What does the surname "Naftzger" mean?
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Help me track down the meaning of a surname. The name is "Naftzger." It seems to be a Germanic (if not German) word for an occupation (e.g. "Metzger" means "butcher"). But what occupation? What does the "Naf" mean? Bonus points for information on region of origin.
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According to the Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press:
Name Meaning and History
German: variant of Nafzger, a nickname for a sleepyhead, from a noun derivative of Middle High German nafzen ‘to take a nap’.
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What katemonster said. As an explanation for the variant spelling, the "z" in Nafzger is pronounced like a "ts", so the "t" in Naftzger is kind of redundant.
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You realise this makes the English equivalent "Napster", don't you?
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