More importantly, can we garnish a cocktail with it?
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Found this mutant-cherry fruit on a tree near Laurelhurst Park in Portland, Oregon today. Can you identify it? Can we eat it?
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I am not advising that you eat this, by any means, but it looks a little bit like a lychee to me.

(IANAB--I am not a botanist.)
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It looks a little like immature lychee fruit, but it's hard to tell for sure. If it is lychee, it would have white (edible) fruit underneath the thin inedible rind.
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And upon review, agreeing with sarabeth that it's a bad, bad idea to eat this without absolute identification.
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That's a dogwood of some sort. Looks a little less smooth than kousa dogwood fruit usually is. Could also be a Pacific dogwood, AFAIK neither will kill you but both taste kinda gross.
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I was joking about eating it, sorry.
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It is a dogwood fruit. It should be edible.
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Taste it and see what happens. BAH!

(I mean let us know what you find out.)
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The soft core tastes pretty good, actually, but the rind and all the seeds are too much trouble to deal with. Looks good in Campari & soda.
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I've seen those on Hawthorne & Belmont, too. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE, THE MUTANTS. &, so my comment is addressing the question, yes, you can eat it. You can eat nearly anything with enough time & willpower.
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I ate one once and I'm still here. Tasted sort of like a wild rosehip.
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Why, of all the imaginable things that might have been used to indicate size, did you use an Australian 50c coin? Just wondering.
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Kousa dogwood. Edible, but a little bland and mealy.
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Thank you! There's a tree with these berries right outside my kids' daycare and I've been forever warning them not to eat the fruit because I had no idea what they were. Yey for AskMe. (Oh, and I was wondering about the coin too...)
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