What segments or content should I host on my AM radio show?
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Emergency guest-hosting a tiny, AM radio show..... [+]

I have one hour, uninterrupted by commercials, to do whatever I would like on the radio.
This show is on a local AM station, and has a listenership of 'round about 12 people, on a station
which has pretty left-leaning nationally syndicated shows on other times of the day
(think Democracy Now!). I can literally do whatever it is I want. I have been on this show before as
a co-host, but I am the only one this week. That said, I am wondering if anyone has suggestions as
to what kinds of blocks I might do that would be away from the usual, end-of-year drivel, New Year's
Resolutions, recounting the wackiest celeb stories of 2004, blah blah blah. In the past we have done
shows on synesthesia, the local zoo, Planned Parenthood in schools, the history of packaging and advertising,
local music and poetry, as well as local art projects. This is short notice, as I am the emergency host,
so guests might be hard to come by at this late date.
What sort of things would you like to hear on a radio show like this?
What kind of segments have you always wanted to hear but have not yet heard?
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Impact of commonly believed rights on our rights? That is, guns, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, etc. This could balloon, but you can stand into the checks if you're a good host.
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I would discuss some of the topics here at AskMefi -- seriously. Lots of great advice, tips, and answers for all sorts of people.

And throw in some wacky, offbeat stuff from MoFi.
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My first impulse given the weather is the plight of the homeless in America. It shouldn't be too hard to round up guests (those folk who support homeless projects are always eager to talk about it. Heck, if you're willing to filter the crew, some homeless folks themselves may have some good stuff to say (phone interviews from a shelter?).
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how about an hour of highlighting people doing good in the world, in all sorts of ways? some interviews, some profiles, some call-ins...
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If you you wanna do that "good in the world" thing, can I do a shameless self post? And yes, I actually did some work on that.
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(Of course, maybe finding a local Habitat for Humanity organization might be more appropriate for your show.)
</poster's remorse>
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on the human cannonball thing, how about all the people that go over Niagara? (i see you're near there)
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There's a guy who went over Niagara, no barrel, no nuthin', and lived.
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Thank you all for the ideas...I really appreciate your information and suggestions!
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There's a guy who went over Niagara, no barrel, no nuthin', and lived.

Kirk Jones.
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Sing the 99 bottles of beer song, in it's entirety
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how about something just happy? the election, the tsunami, the whatever else. do something just happy to let that lonely guy driving his truck and flipping channels be happy for an hour.

we can all stop raging for an hour.
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Yeah, that's him. Thanks, ALD. I was too lazy to google him.
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