Please help me find this dress!
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UK ladies, help me find a dress!

Okay, I know this is a super long shot, but I'm wondering if anyone in the UK might be able to help me find a dress that I saw a girl wearing that I LOVED.

The dress was black, with a white embroidery/tribal print and kimono elbow-length sleeves. It did not have a tie-back. It was not a flowy material, but seemed to be a heavier fabric. Though it could be a number of brands, it looked like it could be from Monsoon. It is a recent dress (last year or two) but I don't know if it's from this season or not. I have literally spent two hours looking through websites (Asos, Net-a-porter, Shopstyle etc) to try to find it with no luck and now I must appeal to you in the hope someone is familiar with this dress. I found a VERY similar dress that was sold by Oasis, though this is definitely not the same dress. But it is very similar with the waist band and v-neck (in both the back and front) with the trim. However, as I said, the dress I saw was black with white print and not white with black, like the Oasis dress.

Please can someone help me? I loved this dress and would be estatic if I could find it. Thanks!
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Post an Alchemy request on Etsy and ask someone to make you one?

Be sure to give your measurements, as the sizes are very different.
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This is a long shot but you could try Primark - the last time I went there I saw quite a few tops and dresses like this (thick waist-band, V-neck, swirly print).
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