Trying to recall a philosopher's website with photos of her friends
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Can anyone remind me which philosopher has a personal website displaying her beautiful photographs of her university friends and colleagues?

I can't for the life of me remember who this scholar is.

The photographs are black-and-white, depict strikingly beautiful and interesting-looking people, and have the aura of being taken in the gardens and quads of Oxbridge. Many of the photos look like they might have been taken in the seventies. I vaguely recall that Derek Parfit was one of the people in the photos, but I may be imagining that.
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Is this a photo from that group?
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How about this photographer, Steve Pyke
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Best answer: Was it the late philosopher Susan Hurley? (Mentioned in the writeup to Pyke's book.)

Here's her portrait of Parfit.
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Response by poster: Holgate -- that's it! Wow, y'all are fast!

Thanks everyone.
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