Where can I find trustworthy autographed items?
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I'm looking for an autographed picture as a present, but $200 seems like much and I've seen people selling copies of autographed pictures for $10. What are good sources for autographed pictures, either high quality downloads or pictures with original signatures?

In particular, I'm looking for a Gene Wilder signature. I realize I could use computer magic and get a high quality photo and overlay a signature digitally, or fake it, but that seems shady. I'm tempted to buy the less costly reproduction from someone online, but I imagine they could have done faked it just that.

Are there any reliable websites for signature purchasing? I could also go in person to the LA area, as I live a few hours away - are there any decent autograph or memorabilia shops for this sort of thing, or are they all tourist traps and money sinks for rabid fans?

I'm asking anonymously because it's an idea for a present, and the recipient checks MetaFilter from time to time.
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did you try an ebay search? There seems to be a range of options there. Where else have you already tried?
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I think the price for things like this varies enormously as a function of whose signature you're after and how commonly that person gives them away. Scarcity and desirability and what the market will bear.

You could have my signature for $10, but I doubt you'd want it.

And the ones you saw being offered for $10 you also didn't want. Neither did almost everyone else, which is why the price was low.
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I asked because the eBay search was so sporadic. I've also googled around, and found a similar price range. I think I'm going to try a test run of the cheap photoshop overlay and see how it looks, and keep my eye on eBay.

(I'm the anon., and my wife is the potential recipient. She knows I post a lot, and sometimes looks over my shoulder. I figured an initial anon posting might slip by her, as she's less likely to wander through my comment list than my question history =)
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Note that I have no experience with this...

If you can find a mailing address where fanmail would be sent -- and I don't know if a 76-year-old still wants to receive fanmail -- you could buy a suitable photo, ship it along with a postage-paid return envelope, allow for months of lead time, and ask for a *personalized message*.
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