I need a new wireless keyboard and mouse. Suggestions?
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Are there any good "laptop like" wireless keyboards out there? Bonus for wireless keyboard/mouse combos.

I have an MS Wireless Optical Desktop Elite keyboard/mouse combo, and I absolutely hate it. The main issue is that the keys are very heavy, and take a lot of effort to push. This slows down my typing and causes a ton of errors. The mouse is pretty bad as well, mostly due to its enormous heft. It's time to upgrade both.

Here are my criteria for a new keyboard:

1. "Laptop-like" keys -- easy to push, not much noise. I like the flat keys as well, but that's not a necessary.

2. I don't like having a ton of extra buttons. Just the basics. I would like a number pad, but I could even live without that to be honest.

3. The mouse should not be huge, and ideally would have an option to switch from smooth-scrolling to click-scrolling. I love the Logitech VX Revolution that I use with my laptop.

4. Both mouse and keyboard MUST BE WIRELESS. The PC itself is a fair distance from the desktop, so the connection should probably be some sort of receiver that hooks to the PC via USB. Unless a USB receiver can plug directly into the back of the PC and get reception to keyboard and mouse without direct line of sight.

I love Logitech but the keyboard/mouse combos I have found are lacking. Price is not really a concern though obviously less money=better. I'm really not asking for a lot here, am I?
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Well, you could get an Apple Wireless Keyboard and a bluetooth receiver for your PC. It meets your criteria, and does work with Windows, although it was a little wonky on my old roommate's PC. So were a lot of other things on his PC though, so it could've just been him. (Also it doesn't solve the mouse issue; sorry!)
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I like Logitech mice but I hate their keyboards. For that, I'd endorse the Apple Wireless for a great "feels like a (good) laptop keyboard" criteria, but I'd also caution that it's not an extended keyboard: no numeric pad, drives me crazy.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the idea on the Apple keyboard. I'll check it out, but I'm really not a fan of bluetooth; I would really much rather have something with a USB receiver.
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If you can live without the number pad, and are interested in having an integrated touchpad (like on a laptop) from some mouse functions, go with the Logitech diNovo Edge.

Nice keys, internal bluetooth or USB dongle connector, and they don't come any slimmer.
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Are you sure you aren't me?

I'm also very picky about my keyboards and no matter what people say, I can't stress enough how important it is to go and try them out in a store before getting it. Everyone has their keyboard quirks (mine's that I prefer wired keyboards). :)

I have relatively small hands, so the Revolution VX is a perfect size for me. I've transitioned from using it with my laptop to now using it with my desktop and would only replace it with another one.

Over the past couple of years, I've used a couple wired keyboards: MacAlly iceKEY has a really nice action and is that laptop-style keys; I have a Logitech Classic 200 now that has low-action normal-style keys that I really like.

I recommend looking at the Apple/Mac keyboards because they feel really nice. I finally moved back to low-action standard-style keys because the Mac keyboards don't handle being disassembled for cleaning well.

Regarding Logitech - look at their keyboards separately from mice as the combos rarely have both a great keyboard and a great mouse.

Good luck!
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I recently picked up two Logitech diNovo notebook keyboards which have a very nice feel and short key travel which makes typing really comfortable and quiet. It comes with a USB receiver rather than Bluetooth and it is cross-platform (although if you wish, you can get a Mac specific version which has the command and option keys rather than Windows and Alt. My only complaint is that the space bar is just a little too sprigy for my taste but it's fine.

Also, Amazon has these for $49 right now with a $30 mail-in rebate which makes it a really good deal. Remember that this is just for the keyboard and not the mouse. For a good mouse, check out anything that Microsoft makes.
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Response by poster: cgomez, where are you seeing the keyboard for $49 w/ $30 MIR? I found this one but the prices don't match up. Is that the keyboard to which you are referring?
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I liked Logitech's original diNovo Desktop keyboard/mouse combo a lot when I had it. It has great laptop-style keys. Pretty expensive, though, and the mouse isn't the latest generation.
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Best answer: suburbanrobot: Hm, I posted that from my phone and didn't check whether it was still going. That is the keyboard that I'm talking about, and Amazon had it for $49 and there was a $30 MIR from Logitech. The rebate is still valid if purchased from Amazon and certain retailers until September 26th, but it looks like Amazon is sold out and is fulfilling through Tiger Direct. I'd keep a watch to see if it comes back in stock while the rebate is still valid.

Even without the rebate, I'd say it's worth it. I'll challenge any of you to a game of Typeracer with it.
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Best answer: Have you checked out logitech's newWireless Keyboard K340? It's laptop size and if it has the same key action as my Logitech illuminated keyboard it's probably a dream to type on since I like soft quick key action. It's also on their new unifying receiver so the same receiver will work with their new Anywhere Mouse MX Which seems to be similar to the Logitech VX Revolution in form factor but has the awesome feature of working on glass and using the same receiver. I'm using a similar logitech product, the Performance Mouse MX, and it's been the best mouse I've ever laid hands on. So while not a keyboard/mouse combo it still matches pretty well and gives you that logitech feel.
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Try that link again: Anywhere Mouse MX
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I just bought the brand-new Microsoft Wireless Comfort 5000 keyboard/mouse set. Awesome! Keys are very light and have a satisfying feel (like a laptop keyboard does). It comes with one tiny USB receiver for both devices. Mouse has MS's new "blue" laser technology and so far is extremely accurate on every type of surface I've tried. The keboard is fairly thin and not overly large. Both keyboard and mouse are aesthetically pleasing design-wise. Check it out!
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This question interests me also...
I looked at the link for the Logitech diNovo Edge (above) but I was immediately enraged.
What brain trust was allowed to make the decision to change the layout of the keys??!?
Some Bozo changed the location, size, and number of the keys immediately above the cursor keys.
(Yeah, I also do not like the Microsoft "curved" keyboards. I have been programming for 30+ years ans never learned to touch type(!) so those natural-layout keyboards don't make sense for me.
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sorry for the rant
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