Looking for some good retail blogs.
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Are there any good blogs about working in retail?

I'm looking for some blogs in the same vein as Behind the Counter (you know, the Walmart blog), that talk about life in retail (preferably, the bigger stores, like Walmart or Target) and the various interesting things they've encountered on the job. I just find that kind of stuff fascinating, for some reason. Anyone have any suggestions for blogs like this that they've enjoyed?
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Not Always Right contains a lot of short retail horror stories.
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The Checkout Girl - http://www.thecheckoutgirl.net/
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Oops on the lazy link above: The Checkout Girl
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I present to you the LiveJournal community customers_suck. Features, um, customers sucking.
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Retail Hell
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Ali Davis' True Porn Clerk Stories - circa 2002 - is probably one of the best out there. However, she has pulled the blog in order to publish her stories as a book. I was able to find it on archive.org, though, so please enjoy!
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StarbucksGossip! Webmaster Jim Romenesko, who also runs an unparalleled journalism gossip blog on Poynter.org, doesn't work at Starbucks, but his readers and commenters do. I suppose some don't consider coffee "retail" in the same way clothing sales may be, but it's a fascinating read.
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If you want to read about working retail at a farmers market, my blog is linked in my profile.
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Something Awful has this
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The Target Slaves LJ community is pretty good - I picked up a lot of Target employee lingo there. (There's also the Team Target community, though it hasn't been updated for quite a while.)
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