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Does anyone have a link to research linking in-store tobacco counter advertising and teenage smoking habits?

I know that some Canadian provinces have tried banning the display of cigarettes in shops, and so have Tasmania and Canada I think. Similair legislation is planned for Scotland but the big tobacco lobby are fighting it and attempting to discredit these studies I've mentioned.
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Here's one from 2004. Abstract:
A survey of 2125 middle-school students in central California examined adolescents’ exposure to tobacco marketing in stores and its association with self-reported smoking. Two thirds of sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students reported at least weekly visits to small grocery, convenience, or liquor stores. Such visits were associated with a 50% increase in the odds of ever smoking, even after control for social influences to smoke.
(From a Google Scholar search for words you used in your question: store tobacco counter advertising teenage smoking. Of course, that search is likely to turn up additional similar studies, but I haven't checked.)
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Tobacco counter advertising is known as a powerwall.

Take a look at Keeping the Point-of-Sale Environment at the Forefront in the American Journal of Public Health or anything written by Joanna Cohen, a professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Toronto and Principal Investigator with the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit.

The influence of Tobacco Powerwall Advertising on Children [video]

Here are some references I got from a powerwall fact sheet

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The Point-of-Purchase Advertising Industry Fact Book, Point of Purchase Advertising Institute, 1992

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Cigarette advertising and promotional strategies in retail outlets, Feighery, Ellen, 2001

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