What are these thin, stretchy dress socks called?
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What do you call these dress socks? They're very thin and stretchy, almost like opaque calf-high pantyhose. Where can I buy them?

I have exactly one pair of these dress socks that I adore. They come almost to the top of my calf and have a one inch wide band at the top. The material is patterned and just barely thicker than women's pantyhose (enough to be opaque and slightly less clingy).

I'd really like to buy more. They may even be a women's product, but I don't care. Sadly, I forget where I got the pair I have and they don't have a tag.

Questions: What are these called? Where can I buy them? Do you know a good place to order them in bulk (i.e. by the dozen or more)?
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Best answer: Sounds like trouser socks to me. They are typically a women's product, which means you can get them in the women's hosiery section of any Target or Walgreens (or other random department store or drug store). Or you can order them online -- ShoeBuy has them here in sets of 6 pairs.
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Ditto Trouser socks.
Fortunately for you, they are common as dirt. :-)
Can be bought at any large chain grocery store, or Target, WalMart and the like.
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Well, the women's version are usually called trouser socks. If you are a dude with a foot bigger than a size 8, look for either "plus size" or "extended size" or you might see them marked "size 10-12". If you get the regular size (also called 9-11) they won't be long enough unless you have really skinny legs. I usually buy mine at K-Mart or Wal-Mart, actually.

On the other hand, if you just want to buy men's socks, try Googling for "over the calf" socks.
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They might also be know as "over the calf" socks. As for being a women's product, while there exist women's socks in the same style, I can tell you is that Robert DeNiro's tough-as-nails but nattily-dressed character in Casino wore them.
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Best answer: The word "microfiber" may also assist your search.
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Response by poster: Just bought a dozen "trouser socks" at Target. They were exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, everyone!
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I've seen them called "men's hosiery."
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