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I've been searching for years for a recipe for something that I can't spell. Since I can't spell it, I'm having a lot of trouble running searches for it - there are way too many returns when I try searching the ingredients. It's a breakfast dish that my grandmother used to prepare. ------->

I would SO love to find this recipe! She pronounced it as moon-'yatch. She was from Naples, and this was a native dish, made mainly with some kind of cheese, cream of wheat (or maybe it was grits or semolina, but I'm pretty sure she used cream of wheat), and italian sausage. It was amazing. She served it chilled, in a big pie tin. I've never seen the name of the recipe anywhere, and my grandmother died years ago, when I was still a teenager. I still kick myself for not ever asking her to put the recipe to paper for me, and no one else in our family can remember how she made it. Any ideas on what this recipe is called, and how to spell it?
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posted by Sidhedevil at 1:48 PM on December 26, 2004

Wait, I suck--wrong linky. Try this or this.
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Mmm, or this.
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YAY! Thank you, Sidhedevil! Sixteen I never ever ever ever would have stumbled blindly upon that spelling. Migliaccio! Did you know what I was talking about right away? Have you ever had it, or made it yourself? I'm so happy! I've printed out all of your links - we're going to have some taste tests around here ;)
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I have had it, but never made it. It took me a few tries to get the spelling right, though.

(Also, I grew up in a town where about a third of the population were Italian immigrants or their first and second generation descendants, and my childhood friends' Nonnas also used to use cream of wheat in traditional recipes where polenta or semolina was called for. Your post really took me back!)
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Wouldn't that be pronounced closer to "milyaacho"?
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I just asked my aunt, she said that my grandmother was saying muy-'atcha, but my kid ears heard moon-'yatch. My grandmother lived in the US for 66 years, but never really learned to speak English, at least not without a very heavy Italian accent. You had to ask her to repeat everything 2 or 3 times before you could make out what she was saying, bless her heart.
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Neapolitan accents are a world of their own even within Italian. I know the word as "m'yatch" which was why it took me a few minutes to figure out how to spell it (which kind of sucks because I could have had an answer for iconomy within ten minutes otherwise!)
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