:( my mouth feels sad!
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Give me your secret home remedies for toothaches and canker sores.

I've been having all sorts of dental work done. And my teeth are feeling agrivated. I'm in the process of getting the rest of them all fixed up.

How do I soothe them in the meantime? I've been using ice packs, heat packs, using the pressure points on your hands, advil, tylenol and then the numbing stuff.

Does anyone have any secret family remedies for how to dull a toothache?


As a result of all the poking and prodding I've been doing in my mouth... I've gotten a canker sore. Now, I've gotten them before. But this one is going on a week old and it's the biggest one I've ever had before and it seems to almost be getting worse than better. I've been treating it with mouth rinses, salt-water rinses and gly-oxide.

Any tips for THOSE suckers?
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Re: Canker sores. Previously on AskMe. Many good suggestions from Mefites there.
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Not on the other list: hold a teabag against the canker sore.

I'm an Anbesol fan, myself.
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This is ENTIRELY anecdotal, so don't mistake it for real science or anything.

I had really terrible canker sores a couple of weeks ago (I moved, started a night class, got sick, and was studying for the GRE all at the same time). They wouldn't go away until I started taking a B-complex vitamin every day, and then they vanished pretty much overnight. It was amazing.
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Another thread that might help here. (Is there a distinction between cold sores and canker sores?)

As I mentioned in that thread, I find a dab of vanilla extract to be soothing. It's not as good as Anbesol, but it helps in a pinch.
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juliplease: fyi, cold sores are the herpes virus sores you get outside your mouth, canker sores are white sores often caused just by irritation or the like that you get inside your mouth.
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ah, but now that i've read that thread, although she calls them cold sores, she's actually asking about canker sores...
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For pain, try taking aspirin instead of Advil (ibuprofen) or Tylenol (acetaminophen/paracetamol). Cheap, old-fashioned aspirin really works for me while the others don't always work.
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Oil of Cloves.
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What works for me with canker sores is keeping my mouth very clean. Brush right after eating and use a Listerine type mouthwash before bed.
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I used to get canker sores all the time as a child. What seemed to cure them for me (which I don't see mentioned on the previous list either) was rinsing twice a day (usually after brushing my teeth) with a tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in warm water. I went from having at least one pretty much constantly to getting them rarely, if ever.
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Chew a large sprig of garlic, and keep the chewed sprig directly over the aching area.

After about twenty minutes, you'll probably find the ache sharply reduced. I suggest replacing the garlic every half-hour or hour. Others suggest lower frequency.
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I had a teacher who told us an interesting personal anecdote about using a bit of her husband's chewing snuff for a horrible toothache. She said she couldn't swear for sure that it was the snuff that worked— because she accidentally swallowed some and passed out— but the toothache was gone when she came to.
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Break open or mash a antibiotic pill and apply directly. You will be amazed.
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You can chew whole cloves. Numbs everything.
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Cloves cloves cloves, cloves cloves cloves.
One fistful, pour boiling water over in a mug, let cool till you can rinse your mouth with it. Repeat. Bliss.
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Also, saline mouth rinse (a.k.a., gargling salt water).

Mostly cloves, though.
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Canker sores remedy from the community doctor when I was a kid:
vitamin C (like, drink OJ) and baking soda applied directly to the thing. That generally cleared it up for me in a day or two.
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When I was little, I would wet my finger and dip it into powdered alum. Then touch it to the sore. After about 10 seconds of intense pain the sore would be numb for a day or two. I tried it a few years ago (43 now) and it seemed to just make everything worse. So I don't recommend it.
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I'm shocked no one has mentioned raisins. Whenever I get a canker sore, I tear open a raisin and apply the split-open raisin innards to the canker sore. The canker sore usually goes away within 24-36 hours.
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Regarding your tooth aches, I've had remarkable success using a water pik like this one. I use it once a day, running it along my gumline. For more sensitive areas (basically anything that hurts), I spend a little longer there. It takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy and entirely worth it. Gum bleeding gone, sensitivity to hot and cold gone, and general tooth aches gone as well. It's made a big difference.
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I was on a remote island with no way to get to a dentist when I developed an abscess in an upper tooth. I took 2000 mg of vitamin C a couple of times a day and the swelling and pain went way down.
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It kind of sucks, but I would put table salt right on my canker sores and put up with the burning. It only took a couple of applications before they would go away. Also seconding incessant about the water pik. I have really sensative teeth, bleeding gums etc. and the water pik has helped soo much.
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Try rinsing with Pepto Bismol, or place one of those pepto chewable tablets right on it and let it dissolve gradually.
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@Kimberly - Man, I thought I was the only person who did this!

I wet my finger then tamp it in a small pinch of salt, then press the salt-covered finger right against the sore and hold it there for a few minutes. It is very uncomfortable, but also seems to be very effective.
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I get a lot of canker sores, and I've found that these are the best thing for them. They cover them while they're healing so you're not always scraping them with your teeth or tongue.
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I got canker sores for several years, but switched to SLS-free toothpaste and haven't had any since.
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If you have chronic canker sores and mouth problems, mix equal amounts (I always did 1 tablespoon of each) Milk of Magnesia and liquid Benadryl. Swish in the mouth for a full minute (it's disgusting as hell, I know) and then spit.

It's amazing how well it works.
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For tooth ache:
Open a cigarette and dump tobacco into a mug (no paper or filter, of course). Poor a little rubbing alcohol into mug. Set mug contents on fire. Allow to burn for a while (inside of mug should be black). Blow out the fire and make sure it's all out. Poor a little more alcohol into mug and swirl it around. Apply onto teeth/gums.
Burning the alcohol+tobacco releases the nicotine, which constricts blood vessels, decreasing inflammation.

This is for tooth aches/gum pain, NOT canker sores.
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I have to agree with the advice of Rumple in HeyAllie's link to the previous thread about canker sores: Avoid toothpaste with SLS in it. Once I stopped using SLS/SLES (Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate, a pretty harsh detergent) toothpaste I never got a canker sore again.
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For toothaches: hold a cut garlic clove on the tooth in question for as long as you can stand it.
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I've never had a canker sore prob. but I've read that avoiding toothpaste with sodium lauryl sulfate can help with canker sores. Might be worth the switch for a month.
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whoops, preview.
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Did your dentist not have any advice? I would ask him/her about it; pain could indicate complications or other problems.

As for canker sores, I remember having one as a kid that was around for a long time. Eventually I got strep throat (unrelated), and was prescribed antibiotics. The canker sore was gone the next day.

You need a prescription for antibiotics, so just ask your dentist.
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I just said this in another tooth-related thread, but: for acute tooth pain, brandy on a cottonball and plenty of ibuprofen.

Having been through a nasty cavity and subsequent root canal, this is what I discovered the hard way.
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