How to splice heavy speaker wire?
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Car audio filter: How best to split/join thick speaker wire in a subwoofer install?

We are installing a pair of 10" DVC subs. We will be powering them via a mono amp. The plan is to wire the speakers in series-parallel, to present a 4ohm load to the amp. This requires us to split and T both the pos and neg wires across the subs. What sort of connection would you suggest we use to accomplish the T? A wire nut? That's, basically, 3 12-gauge speaker wire ends coming together. That's a pretty huge wire nut.
Is there some sort of purpose-built junction piece we can use to wire the ends together?

For those unfamiliar with series-parallel wiring, please refer to this diagram. We need to know how best to accomplish the joins at the little red and black dots.
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Best answer: You only need to join two physical wires. Do it with your connector that you are using to connect the wire to the sub terminal itself (or the screw-clamp type connector if you're lucky).

Run one pair from the amp to one side of the sub. Run a second pair from that side of the sub, to the other sub. Connect your remaining open terminals as shown on the diagram.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you be using wire nuts. At minimum, use compression-type connectors, and solder is preferred. It's not only safer, but gives you less potential for connection breakdown.
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Response by poster: Gotcha. Thanks!
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